Hair Clipper

Hair Clipper

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Máquina Profesional de Corte Vanta Premium Label 1001

Vanta Premium Label Professional Hair Clipper posee un potente motor, con batería de litio 2500Ma que brinda 4hs de autonomía.

Batería de litio 2500Ma
4 hs de autonomía
Cuchilla de polvo metalúrgico, no necesita afilado
Carga USB
Carcasa metálica
Contiene 4 peines de alza
Display led: con visor de capacidad de batería, recordatorio de carga y velocidad de uso.
Recargable: para uso con o sin cable
Forma ergonómica para mayor comodidad y precisión.
6500 RPM
Power: 10W

Máquina Profesional Patillera Vanta Premium Label 1100


Cuchilla de acero inoxidable en forma de T
Inalámbrica: 2hs de autonomía
Recargable: para uso con o sin cable
Batería de litio 900mA
Potente motor
Carcasa metálica
Carga Usb
Forma ergonómica, delgada y liviana.
Incluye: 3 peines de alza (1, 2 y 3mm), cable usb, aceite lubricante y pincel limpiador.

Vanta K-Style 9100 Hair Clipper

Vanta K-Style 9100 professional clipper is a really powerful hair cutter. With robust construction and a beautiful ergonomic design. Its titanium alloy blade achieves a better cutting of hair and beard for the most demanding professionals. Its powerful high-performance technology battery allows being use with rechargeable battery or connected with charging cable. It has a protection system against temperature changes, voltage loss and time during charging.

Vanta K-Style 9000 Hair Clipper

Professional Hair Clipper Vanta K-Style 9000, first launch of a premium powerful line with fixed cable in order to increased power and durability. It has quiet low vibration motor and adjustable stainless steel blades.

Professional Hair Clipper Vanta RFC-288B

Professional hair clipper Vanta RFC-288B: the combination of its powerful motor with its removable and mobile ceramic blade allow easy and smooth cutting, speeding up time and quality of work. It has a Ni-MH rechargeable battery, which allows optimal care of the environment.

Hair Clipper Vanta RFC-0908A

The professional clipper Vanta RFC-0908A features a powerfully silent rotary motor, which together with its interchangeable stainless steel blades create the perfect sliding and precision, the highest court in turn has a set of acceleration torque when encounters thicker hairs, which prevents tearing thereof. Its high-performance technology, allows use by rechargeable battery or via the charging cable as it is the only machine on the market that has a system of protection for the charge against temperature changes, loss of tension and time.

Haircut Machine Vanta RFC-0817C

The Vanta RFC-0817a Professional Machine is perfect for straining. Its detachable “T” stainless steel blade allows a perfect cut for the most demanding, it is accompanied by an extra drawing blade for the most meticulous details.